About Us

The Little Fox was founded in 2022 and is made up of Rachel & Jack.  Rachel is the company owner & founder who is from Sligo in the West of Ireland. She decided to pursue her dream of self-employment by setting up The Little Fox in September 2022. 

Rachel has a passion for upcycling and during a career break in 2021, she discovered she has a talent of creating beautiful gifts. As time went on and the inspiration and ideas kept growing, it made absolute sense to pursue this new venture and The Little Fox was born.

Jack, Rachel's beautiful rescue dog is the inspiration behind the brand from his black and white coat to his beautiful pointy ears that makes his shadow look like a fox in the night.

Jack has been on board since day 1, supervising when Rachel is working from home while also ensuring a healthy life balance by ensuring she gets out for some fresh air when needed. The dream team is the best description available for this pair.

The idea behind The Little Fox is simple really. Our company helps customers who want to purchase unique environmentally friendly items offering a range of gift ware & home ware. We are proud to say that each designed gift/piece has an element of upcycling in it, allowing us to reduce waste and improve our carbon footprint as best we can.

By purchasing from The Little Fox, you are supporting our vision and ultimate goal of reducing waste bit by bit to protect our beautiful planet.