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Here at The Little Fox, there’s nothing we love more than to sit down and brainstorm the perfect personalised gift. There is a huge amount of time and effort put into our bespoke pieces to get it just right for the customer. There is no feeling like it when it all comes together in the end and we can present our final piece with pride. Our process is set out below:

  1. When working on custom pieces we love to get as much information as possible from our clients to ensure we leave nothing out.
  2. When we have visualised the final piece, we need to find the perfect frame.
  3. A big part of our process is sourcing upcycling materials that we think will find the piece and then it’s time to craft.
  4. We will send on some drafts/ideas to the customer to ensure we're on the same page 
  5. The bespoke piece is finalised and complete wrapped in our beautiful coloured crepe paper and ready for collection/delivery or shipping

We are honoured to have been asked to craft customised bespoke gifts ranging from wedding pieces, family trees, corporate gifts and beautiful inspirational gifts for students.

By ordering from The Little Fox, you are supporting a dream of a small business owner, you are shopping greener through our upcycled ideas and giving a personalised bespoke gift that took time and effort to craft especially for that special person in mind.

If you have any ideas for a gift and would like to discuss further be sure to contact us today. If you haven't a clue what you would like to give as a gift but would like something special made, say hello anyways and leave the rest to us.

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